Project Management & Approach

The decision to take on a project is a team decision. There is no one person out “getting work” and handing it off. Our senior staff decides which projects are in line with our skill sets and we all contribute to proposal preparation and pursuit of projects. Our company management technique is the same as our project management technique; we utilize a flat management team style. Our flat or “horizontal” team management procedure works extremely well because we develop a strong project approach coupled with quality assurance procedures that results in the delivery of high quality products, on time and within budget.

Our unique approach to client service and early strategy development has created a loyalty with Gallaway clientele because they know that honesty and dedication is intrinsic in everything we do. We develop a project approach very similar to project strategy. Often the project strategy will involve out of the box solutions based on sound science. Thinking outside of the box is a normal experience at Gallaway Enterprises that often results in significant cost savings to our clients. To successfully think outside of the box you need to be extremely familiar with what’s in the box. Our staff has extensive knowledge of regulation, requirements, and environmental compliance procedures of local, state, and federal agencies. We have a long history of working collaboratively with agencies, the public, stakeholders, and our clients to foster solutions before they become problems.