Company President Jody Gallaway has roots in northern California and was raised on a ranch in Glenn County. Other members of the Gallaway staff are from agriculture families with backgrounds in orchard farming  and cattle ranching. Having a background in agriculture allows us to understand client goals, time sensitive operations, and how environmental policy affects the business of agriculture. Gallaway Enterprises has served the agricultural industry for over 15 years. We assist small landowners and corporate agricultural clients to stay compliant with ever changing environmental policy, federal and state laws and local agricultural ordinances. If violations occur, Gallaway has a successful track record of negotiating and resolving alleged Clean Water Act or Fish and Game Code violations. However, our emphasis is to avoid non-compliance and keep the agricultural community informed regarding possible constraints caused by wetlands, endangered species, or other sensitive habitats.

“Our family ranch consisted of olive orchards and oat hay farming. I learned to drive a tractor before I learned how to drive a car. My work ethic, understanding of agriculture operations, respect for the land, and strong private property rights philosophy was developed early in life and remains today.”- Jody Gallaway, President and Senior Biologist, Gallaway Enterprises

Our Agricultural Services include:

  • Environmental Policy Review
  • NRCS and Corps Liaison Services
  • Wetland Determination per Food Securities Act and 2005 Joint GuidanceIMG_0352_half
  • Remediation for Clean Water Act or Fish and Game Code Violations
  • Development of Planting Plans to Avoid Federal Permitting
  • Due Diligence and Feasibility Reporting
  • Peer Review of Wetland Delineations, Determinations, and Technical Studies
  • Agriculture Ordinance, Mitigation, Policy Review
  • Applicability of Clean Water Act §404(f)(1)(A) Agriculture Exemptions
  • Applicability of Corps Regulatory Guidance Letters-Agriculture Exemptions
  • Recapture Provisions of the Clean Water Act and Raw Land Conversion
  • Applicability of the Porter-Cologne Act
  • State, Federal Permitting, and Regulatory Strategy
  • Development of Long-term Maintenance Agreements for CDFW Compliance