About Us

Our Story:

Gallaway Enterprises is an environmental consulting firm with a demonstrated track record of successfully conducting the appropriate surveys that enable us to navigate the complex environmental review and regulatory permitting processes that precede all variety of development projects.  From large-scale, federally funded public infrastructure projects, such as bridge replacements and multi-modal transportation improvements, to residential subdivisions, urban specific plans, and agricultural projects, our team brings together over 70 years of combined experience to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. Our mission is simple, “Using science, innovation and common sense, we strive to provide the highest level of service possible”.

Gallaway Enterprises has been continuously serving clients in northern California since 1998. Located in Chico, California our team of dedicated professionals can easily access projects throughout northern California. We have come a long way since working in the back office of a local landscaping office. Starting in 1998 as Wildlife Resource Management, we quickly grew and renamed the business, Gallaway Consulting. Renaming the business allowed us to branch out and offer a variety of other services such as environmental planning and GIS modeling. In 2009, we slowed down in response to the economy. At that time we changed our name again to Gallaway Enterprises and became WBE/DBE certified and concentrated on federally funded public works projects. Again, renaming the business seemed appropriate as we started to develop and manufacture products that assisted our clients with bird and bat abatement and other innovative methods to prevent bird nesting during construction. We are leaders in our industry for environmental compliance services because we look for solutions before problems arise.

Our business name has changed but the core values and client centric philosophy that makes our business unique has never changed. We listen to our clients not stockholders.

Representative Former and Current Clients

  • SRBRP_SmartvilleRoadBridge_SiteAssessmentQuincy Engineering
  • Granite Construction
  • Mercer-Fraser
  • Teichert Construction
  • Sierra Nevada Construction
  • JKB Energy
  • City of Oroville
  • MCM Construction
  • DeSiliva Gates Construction
  • City of Chico
  • Butte County Public Works Department
  • Sutter County Public Works Department
  • McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group
  • Yuba County Public Works Department
  • Coulsa Public Works Department
  • Sacramento County
  • Lumos & Associates
  • United States Forest Service
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife


“Jody’s expertise and confidence in ecology, biology, and the environmental process is unsurpassed. I believe she is the foremost expert in Northern California for environmental work on transportation and development projects. Gallaway Enterprises is my first choice when selecting an environmental consulting firm due to Jody’s professionalism and the expert staff she surrounds herself with.” -Jeff Schwein, AICP, Green DOT Transportation Solutions