Infrastructure and Transportation

Gallaway Enterprises provides a full array of planning services but specializes in California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance and transportation planning. Environment review is necessary for all projects that require a formal decision by government and regulatory agencies regarding a project’s potential to impact the environment. The complexity of the environmental review process varies with who the federal or state lead agency is and our senior staff have extensive experience dealing with several different federal and state lead agencies such as Department of Water Resource, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Central Valley Flood Protection Board, Federal Highway Administration, and California Department of Transportation.

Gallaway Enterprises begins with a thorough assessment of the environment in which the project will take shape. Through the coordination of technical studies, alternative analysis, and public involvement the project is guided through the environmental review process, all the while attempting to maintain the client’s original goals and objectives. By encouraging a thorough review of project alternatives the regulatory agencies and local communities are assured that all feasible means have been taken into account to reduce project related impacts. Gallaway Enterprises understanding of development planning, environmental processes, infrastructure systems, mitigation, logistical constraints and the public interest results in feasible and solutions oriented recommendations.

Starting with a unique understanding of the big picture, Gallaway Enterprises staff has delivered the environmental review for small and large transportation projects, water delivery systems, bridge replacement projects, small and large residential developments, nexus studies supporting community ordinances, general plan updates, master bike and trail plans, and County wide transportation plans.

Services include:

  • Notices of Preparation and Intent
  • Initial Studies and Environmental Assessments
  • Development of environmental thresholds
  • Environmental Impact Reports/Environmental Impact Statements
  • Mitigation monitoring
  • Public participation programs
  • Transportation Element updates
  • Regional and community transportation planning
  • Land use/transportation studies