Often qualifications are exaggerated or companies claim experience because they have been exposed to one component of a big project. So instead of creating page after page trying to convince you of the difference at Gallaway Enterprises and the breadth of experience our senior management really have, we thought it might be helpful for you to hear what other people say about their experience working with Gallaway Enterprises. Dedication, integrity, experience, and honesty set us apart from our competitors and it’s the reason our clients keep coming back. We answer to clients NOT stockholders.

“We have utilized Jody and her team on multiple projects in Butte County for over the past 10 years. They’ve saved us thousands of dollars by providing balanced, creative, environmental solutions with, solid, predictable, permitting timelines. Gallaway Enterprises is by far the best environmental consulting firm I’ve worked with throughout my 25 years of real estate development in multiple jurisdictions in Northern California. Their corporate culture is well aligned with ours which fosters open, honest, yet creative communication/solutions. But bottom line: they consistently produce high-value results for us. ” – Weldon Larson, Sr. Partner/Principal, Hignell Development Group, Inc. February 2015

“Gallaway is trusted by the construction industry, which reflects her solutions oriented and commonsense approach to environmental compliance and documentation. Her approach saves us time and prevents delays associated with agency requests at the last minute.” – Neal Hay, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer, Sutter County. April 2014

“Jody is one of the most professional, dedicated, think out of the box individuals I have encountered working in the regulatory world. She understands the issues, the needs of the client, and how to mesh those needs with the requirements of the regulatory agencies. Highly recommended!” – Kristin Cooper Carter, Grant Management & Associates, April 2012

“Jody’s expertise and confidence in ecology, biology, and the environmental process is unsurpassed. I believe she is the foremost expert in Northern California for environmental work on transportation and development projects. Gallaway Enterprises is my first choice when selecting an environmental consulting firm due to Jody’s professionalism and the expert staff she surrounds herself with.” -Jeff Schwein, AICP, Lumos & Associates, December 2012

“At a professional level and very rare in her industry is the ability to base environmental analysis on sound science, effectively balancing both environmental ethics with practical development solutions. I have no intention of using anyone else….ever!”  -Bill Brouhard, General Partner, Guillon Inc., January 2012

“Taber Consultants has worked with Jody and her company on numerous road and bridge projects in California. She has a high degree of knowledge and skill in navigating the regulatory framework to gain project approval, while keeping the projects on schedule and on-budget. Her experience allows her to anticipate possible problems up-front and develop contingencies to deal with before they arise. Most of all, I appreciate that Jody is a person of integrity – a quality is vitally important but often missing in today’s business world.” -Thomas Ballard, PG, CHG, Tabor Consultants, December 2012

“Gallaway is able to effectively coordinate with multiple agencies to satisfy the necessary regulatory requirements to develop customized solutions to address unique project needs in a timely manner.We appreciate her team-oriented attitude and solution-oriented approach to business.” -Tim McLean, Vice President, Sharrah Dunlap Sawyer, Inc. February 2012

“Gallaway Enterprises have always brought a high degree of professionalism and practical knowledge to the table in approaching a project and navigating the rigors of both environmental compliance with NEPA and CEQA and regulatory agency permitting. Jody’s experience in the environmental field combined with her skills as both a leader and a team player, her integrity, and an innate desire to always do well are also reflected in Gallaway’s track record for keeping project assignments above board, on schedule, and within budget.” -Paul Lundbom, Senior Engineer, Butte County Public Works, January 2013

“I have worked with Jody for over 10 years and find her knowledge of wildlife biology and environmental law and policy to be outstanding. Jody is an innovator and an industry leader. Gallaway Enterprises always provides individual attention and “start to finish” assistance to thier clients. They have a client centric business philosophy based on ethics which is rare in the industry.” -Loran May, President, May & Associates, March 2013