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Gallaway Enterprises has openings for one position: 

Environmental Planner (Posted 7/23/2018)


  • Bachelors’ or higher degree in biology, planning, environmental science, ecology, fisheries or similar field.
  • Must have a least 3 years’ experience working as a planner, environmental scientist, or in a similar capacity
  • Familiarity with Northern California ecosystems, vegetation communities, and wildlife habitat
  • Excellent written, logic, organizational, oral presentation, and analytical skills
  • Experience preparing technical documents for federal and state funded transportation projects, CEQA documents, and general biological resource assessment reports
  • Ability to prepare original technical reports for purposes of summarizing project impacts, strategizing mitigation options and analyzing project alternatives
  • Serve as a project manager and conduct quality control of reports, which consists of editing and assembling documents.
  • Ability to review project budgets and take steps to ensure work efforts stay within budget
  • Develop permit applications for US Army Corps of Engineers, CDFW LSA Notifications, and RWQCB Water Quality Certifications
  • Engage with clients in a professional solutions oriented manner and respond to RFPs

General Job Description

The environmental planner will serve as support staff to senior staff and project managers. They will be responsible for understanding the content of biological resource assessments, natural environmental studies, biological assessments and other typical technical reports prepared at Gallaway in the context proposed projects and regulations. The environmental planner will receive project descriptions and data and will be required to prepare and assemble technical studies and other environmental documents. Working on a multi-disciplinary team they will be required to develop a wide range of documents, including CEQA/NEPA documents and to assist senior staff with the preparation of proposals. The environmental planner must be familiar with the requirements for complying with FHWA and Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures (LAP) by developing documents that satisfy content requirements and ensuring the correct use of templates. In addition, the planner must be knowledgeable about developing of LAP cost estimates, budgets, schedules, and invoices.

The planner will be responsible for working with clients, including engineering companies to acquire static impacts analysis that will be used to complete permit applications. Impacts may include the review and consideration of multiple design alternatives. The preparation of the permit applications include Clean Water Act §404, RWQCB water quality certifications §401, CDFW §1600, and CDFW Incidental Take Permits §2081. The environmental planner will communicate regularly with senior staff and project managers regarding status, schedules, and any delay that may affect the timely delivery of technical reports.

Only applicants that meet these criteria will be considered.

Gallaway Enterprises is an Equal Opportunity Employer and starting salary for applicants that meet the qualifications is $50K and commensurate with experience and skill level.  Gallaway Enterprises has a competitive employee benefit plan. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and 2 industry related references.