Interstate 80 and State Route 65 Interchange Project – Phase 1

Construction activities are in full swing on Phase 1 of the Caltrans Interstate 80 and State Route 65 Interchange Project (Project). The Project is located within Placer County in the cities of Roseville and Rocklin, near the Roseville Galleria. Flatiron Construction is the primary contractor responsible for widening the northbound viaduct of State Route 65, as well as the Galleria Boulevard/Stanford Ranch Road ramps. The scale of this Project is impressive with 13-foot wide and 100-foot deep holes being drilled for the viaduct column footings. In order to construct the columns, Flatiron Construction is temporarily diverting Antelope Creek that flows under the viaduct.

Gallaway Enterprises is providing environmental compliance services for Flatiron Construction as this project involves several environmental issues involving multiple state and federal agencies. Gallaway Enterprises is conducting migratory bird and bat surveys, providing relocation of sensitive native fish species and western pond turtles, and providing recommendations during the installation of the temporary stream diversion and water quality monitoring. A Biological Resource Information Program, Natural Resource Protection Plan, Species Protection Survey Protocol, Bat Avoidance Plan, and Bird Exclusion Plan have been prepared for the Project by Gallaway Enterprises to help ensure this Project is successfully completed while maintaining compliance.