The correct application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology allows Gallaway Enterprises to perform environmental reviews, wetland delineations and land planning exercises with greater precision and accuracy. GIS is more than just a mapping program; it is a powerful planning and analytical tool that enables both quantitative and qualitative data to be recorded, stored, retrieved, displayed, and analyzed. Our senior staff have used GIS in cutting edge ways to develop predictive models to assess pesticide risks and predict winter deer herd ranges. From Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection to post-processing data analysis and map production and presentation, Gallaway Enterprises is able to meet the needs of our clients and obtain the accuracy needed by regulatory decision makers.

Services Include:

  • General Plan/zoning/parcel maps
  • Existing land use maps
  • Environmental resource inventories
  • Visual analysis
  • Programs for monitoring environmental mitigation measures
  • Resource mapping and modeling
  • Spatial modeling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Constraints, Opportunities and Alternatives Impact analysis
  • Large-scale vegetation mapping
  • Oak tree canopy evaluations
  • Large scale road evaluations and scoring, development of repair/replacement prioritization