Corporate Culture

Most of our staff have worked at other businesses or agencies and when they come to Gallaway they are immediately welcomed into our family. During the interview process for hiring we don’t over value experience rather we look for people who have values similar to our core corporate values such as honesty, integrity, self-reliance, humility, personal accountability, and a deep sense of curiosity. Experience and knowledge will come but having similar values makes a team approach to project delivery much more satisfying. Over a 15 year period, 95% of our clients become a repeat client, which is living proof that our corporate culture is not comprised of sleek marketing phases, but is the foundation on which we conduct ourselves.   It is also the primary metric for determining our success as a company.


“Gallaway Enterprises have always brought a high degree of professionalism and practical knowledge to the table in approaching a project and navigating the rigors of both environmental compliance with NEPA and CEQA and regulatory agency permitting. Jody’s experience in the environmental field combined with her skills as both a leader and a team player, her integrity, and an innate desire to always do well are also reflected in Gallaway’s track record for keeping project assignments above board, on schedule, and within budget.” -Paul Lundbom, Senior Engineer, Butte County Public Works, January 2013