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California Red-legged Frogs Relocated During Emergency Stream Diversion—Elk, CA.

California State Highway 1 took a beating during the heavy rain season of 2018-2019, damaging the foundations of the road and the bridge over Elk Creek—prompting emergency repairs of the scenic route. To prevent further damage and potential failure of these structures, Caltrans contracted with Wylatti Resource Management on the Emergency Scour Repair Project (Project)…. Read more »

Bat Avoidance, Exclusion, and Mitigation

There has been an increase in awareness of declining bat populations across the U.S. Many of California’s agencies are increasing and standardizing their requirements for protecting bats and their roosts. Gallaway Enterprises has been closely following these changes and responding by implementing scientifically appropriate and creative solutions for bat avoidance, exclusion, and mitigation techniques. Gallaway… Read more »

Interstate 80 and State Route 65 Interchange Project – Phase 1

Construction activities are in full swing on Phase 1 of the Caltrans Interstate 80 and State Route 65 Interchange Project (Project). The Project is located within Placer County in the cities of Roseville and Rocklin, near the Roseville Galleria. Flatiron Construction is the primary contractor responsible for widening the northbound viaduct of State Route 65,… Read more »

Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs at Harbin Creek

Harbin Hot Springs Resort, once home to nearly 300 residents and employees, has been closed since the Valley Fire evacuation orders in September 2015.  The resort community, just minutes outside of Middletown, found itself in the path of the fire and suffered major losses as the majority of the structures present onsite were destroyed. The… Read more »

Expanding Jurisdiction through Interpretation

While there is a current trend in lessening federal environmental regulations under the new administration, state agencies, such as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, are prepared to step in and fill the regulatory gap. Furthermore, it is likely that these state agencies will put in place significantly more expansive sets of rules to counter… Read more »

President Trump Issues Executive Order to Rescind or Revise the Clean Water Rule

On February 28, 2017, President Trump honored his campaign promise to enact policy with the intent of providing regulatory relief by issuing an Executive Order that requires the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to review the Clean Water Rule (Rule). There is no denying that regulators within the EPA and Corps have engaged… Read more »

Cultural Resource Services

Gallaway Enterprises is pleased to introduce our new team Archaeologist, Cate Davis and the addition of offering in-house cultural resource services. Ms. Davis has extensive experience with GIS and the collection of field data in order to create professional quality graphics and reports. Ms. Davis graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from University… Read more »

Stormwater Monitoring Services

Gallaway Enterprises is pleased to announce the addition of our stormwater monitoring services. Gallaway Enterprises is now offering cost-effective, stormwater monitoring for public and private construction projects in northern California. Our qualified storm water inspectors ensure our clients effectively implement their SWPPPs and remain in compliance with the local, state, and federal stormwater regulations. To… Read more »