Concow Road Rehabilitation

Butte County suffered devastating damage in the summer of 2008 from wildfires that ripped through several communities. After the wildfires the County applied for, and was awarded, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery Initiative (DRI) funds to assist with rehabilitation from the wildfires. The County was awarded over $7.3 million to address the recovery efforts, part of which were allocated to the rehabilitation of Concow Road and associated drainage infrastructure.

Concow Road Burn

Concow Road Burn

The project covered approximately 9 miles of Concow Road from the intersection of State Route 70 to Rim Road as well as portions of Deadwood Road. Gallaway Enterprises provided a full range of environmental services on this project. Tasks included:

  • Biological Resource Assessment
  • USFWS consultation for California red-legged frog and valley elderberry longhorn beetle
  • Wetland delineation
  • Cultural/Section 106
  • Permitting (404, 401, 1600)
  • Executive Order 11990 (8 Step Process for the protection of wetlands)

The proposed project (construction is expected to occur during the summer of 2014) includes replacing 10 culverts, reestablishing 7,000 feet of roadside ditches and minor impacts to wetlands along the roadway. Some of the notable successes that were attained with this project included negotiating a waiver with the USACE for applicant sponsored mitigation for impacts to wetlands and working with the USACE to verify the wetland delineation without a site visit through the use of google earth.                                                                                                                                           County Project Number 01678503K (10-DRI-6785)

3.2 CRLF Habitat Assessment_062012

Concow Road Box Culvert