Gallaway Enterprises Updates

Foothill Yellow-Legged Frogs at Harbin Creek

Harbin Hot Springs Resort, once home to nearly 300 residents and employees, has been closed since the Valley Fire evacuation orders in September 2015.  The resort community, just minutes outside of Middletown, found itself in the path of the fire and suffered major losses as the majority of the structures present onsite were destroyed.

The timber bridge over Harbin Creek that connects the Harbin Hot Springs Resort to Middletown was burned in the fire, and a temporary bridge was constructed in its place. A new bridge was slated for construction by Bridgeway Civil Constructors in July of 2017. Just before construction was to begin, the foothill yellow-legged frog was listed as a candidate threatened species under the California Endangered Species Act (CESA), giving it full protected status for the duration of its review period and halting construction. Harbin Creek contains a healthy and sustainable population of foothill yellow-legged frog. Though foothill yellow-legged frog populations in Lake County are not in danger of extirpation, the foothill yellow-legged frogs present in Harbin Creek now needed the added protections of a threatened species.

Gallaway Enterprises worked fast to create a frog relocation plan and obtain an emergency Incidental Take Permit in order to get the project underway as soon as possible. The delayed construction led to long hours and weekends building the new bridge, and Gallaway Enterprises biologists were onsite daily to relocate frogs, monitor for environmental compliance, and conduct water quality testing within Harbin Creek. The completed Harbin Springs Road Bridge will contribute to the economic recovery of the area as Harbin Hot Springs Resort continues to rebuild its facilities.

Cultural Resource Services

Gallaway Enterprises is pleased to introduce our new team Archaeologist, Cate Davis and the addition of offering in-house cultural resource services. Ms. Davis has extensive experience with GIS and the collection of field data in order to create professional quality graphics and reports. Ms. Davis graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from University of Central Florida and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology from California State University, Chico. Ms. Davis meets the qualifications established by the Secretary of Interiors’ Professional Qualifications Standards and satisfies mandates associated with compliance under Section 106 of the National Preservation Act. Gallaway Enterprises is pleased to provide both public and private clients across northern California with the following cultural resource services:

  • On-site Monitoring
  • Property Surveys
  • Cultural Inventory Reports such as:
    • Archaeological Survey Reports/Historic Property Survey Reports
    • Cultural Reports in support of CEQA review
    • Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act Reports
  • Site recording, site updates
  • Native American outreach
  • Mapping of resources

Stormwater Monitoring Services

SW imageGallaway Enterprises is pleased to announce the addition of our stormwater monitoring services. Gallaway Enterprises is now offering cost-effective, stormwater monitoring for public and private construction projects in northern California. Our qualified storm water inspectors ensure our clients effectively implement their SWPPPs and remain in compliance with the local, state, and federal stormwater regulations. To better serve our clients we now offer the following stormwater monitoring services:

  • SWPPP Implementation
  • Site Inspections
  • Stormwater Sampling and Analysis
  • On-Site Training for Contractors and Construction Crews
  • Rain Event Action Plans
  • Required Reporting to the Stormwater Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS)
    • Notice of Intent (NOI)
    • Change of Information (COI)
    • Annual Reporting
    • Notice of Termination (NOT)